Fourth of July Desserts sure to please everyone!

4th of july desserts .jpg

Independence Day is just three days away. And because it's on a Friday that means extra time with family, extra bbq's, extra time in the sun. 

And... extra dessert. Because really... come on... what did you think this was going to be about?

Here are four of the most popular desserts on this blog that I am sure you and your family and friends will love as you watch the fire works light up the July sky. 

Fruit pizza.jpg

1. Deep Dish Fruit Pizza. I will actually be making this to take to my mom's house. But I am going to make it look like an American flag with berries!! I use coconut oil in my recipe, but you could just use a tube of premade dough. 

strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.JPG

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes.  These are devine. My sister asks for these by name. They require some effort, but man they are worth it. Plus, fresh strawberries are in season and taste amazing!

lemon blueberry poundcake cupcakes.jpg

3. Lemon blueberry poundcake cupcakes.  Yes, back to back cupcake recipes. The lemon and blueberry flavor mixes so well with the frosting. Try them. 

4. Cookies and Cream Pie. This pie is so simple to make. You can throw it together last minute, people will love it. It's cool and creamy and delicous! 

What desserts are you making this summer?