Homemade Gummy Snacks with no refined sugar

Can candy be healthy? Hmmmm....  I don't know. Maybe if it is made with freshly squeezed juice, protein packed gelatin and raw honey. 

I am not an overly crunchy mama. I wish I were. I am more of a semicrunch lady. But I am cutting back on my own sugar intake and my toddler's in the process. It's hard, because I love the sweet things in life. 

But last week I decided to try my hand at a little healthy treat we could both enjoy. 

I had seen a few people make homemade gummies and so I decided they might be worth a shot! I found a few recipes online, combined the ideas I liked and went for it. 

Best of all, it only took three ingredients!

What you'll need:

3 tbsp *gelatin. I said gelatin. NOT jello.

1/3 cup ** lemon juice, I used fresh squeezed. Boy was that some effort!

3-5 tbsp raw honey

You will also need a candy mold or ice tray. 

And that's it! Put all three ingredients in a saucepan over a medium heat. Stir until all the gelatin has dissolved. I poured mine into these super cute flower shaped molds I got at the Dollar Tree. So cute!

I put mine in the fridge for an hour or so and then pulled them out with my fingers. 

Ry really enjoyed the candy and asked for more. I liked it too, so this recipe was a hit. 

** You could use any juice you wanted. I tried pineapple and that worked too, although the flavor was not as strong. 

*You can buy the fancy gelatin online, or if you are wanting to experiment and not spend a lot of money try the Knox brand. I know it's not the super healthy grass fed kind, but I would hate to spend all that money and then find out my kid thought they were "yucky"

I like that these are a healthy alterative to gummy bears and other snacks. Plus they were easy to make and have no food coloring in it.


What do you think? Have you ever made homemade treats like this before?