6 Great Christmas Books for Toddlers

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We are big readers in this house. We love books, we love reading, we love the library and book swaps and our kindle. We just loves books. 

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In the past I have shared our favorite bedtime books

I wanted so share with you six of our favorite Christmas books for toddlers. Each night we read Issie and Ry a bible story from a toddler bible book like "The Jesus Story Book Bible" or another bible. Then we read a few books. 

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During the Christmas season we have been reading verses pertaining to advent. (You can find a link to those verses here.) Then we read a Christmas theme book. 

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Who Is Coming to Our House? This is a sweet story. It is the nativity told through the perspective of the animals, each making room for baby Jesus. 

Bonus: You can use this book to talk about animal sounds and animal names. 

O Little Town of Bethlehem . This book is so much fun. It lighs up and plays the famed Christmas carol. Ry loves opening and closing this book and hearing the song and seeing the lights. 

Bonus: Teaches cause and effect. 

The Berenstain Bears and The Joy of Giving. I love the Berenstain Bears books. I always have. Some of my earliest memories are of my Mama reading these books to me. This is a wonderful book for talking about generous giving. 

Bonus: This book comes with activities to do, like writing God a thank you note. 

Stable in Bethlehem a Countdown to Christmas. This is a beautifully illustrated book with lots of pictures and animals to count. The book counts down animals and tells the story of Jesus birth. 

Bonus: Toddlers will have fun counting with you. Ry also likes to point to objects in the book and tell me their names. 

Christmas Slide and Find. This is just a fun book for little kids. They can slide open the little panels to find objects hiding. 

Bonus: Helps with word recognition. 

Merry Christmas, Little One! This one is so cute! There are lots of lift tabs and textures in this book. 

Bonus: Because this book has so many textures you can ask the child to touch the different pages and then have them tell you what they feel- soft, bumpy, rough, smooth etc.