Our (nearly) free playroom makeover

Playroom makeover.jpg

I have had some serious playroom envy recently. (I have overall house envy, but that's another post for another day.) 

I remember having a playroom when I was child, it was a nice space to just... well, play. 

In this old house we had a "formal dining room." It was actually connected to my oldest son's room. We never used it. We don't host parties. We don't have people over. Frankly, with a toddler and an infant, we are more eat in the kitchen people. Really the dining-room just kind of became a catch all junk room. 

So we decided to make it a playroom! And the best part was, it was as close to free as you can get. We just repurposed some things from around our home like a play rug that had been in Ry's bedroom. We also bought a pack of command hooks from Home Depot and called it a go. And it only took use one day! 

Playroom before and after.jpg

Step 1. We started by finding a new home in our house for the dining table and chairs. Attic, sunroom, garage. We had lots of options, but we made sure they were well protected from any sun or misture exposure. 

Then we culled through anything that was garbage or things ne no longer wanted. It either went in the trash or to our local thrift store. 

closet bookshelf.jpg

My books actually ended up in my closet. Away from prying hands of my boys. 


Step 2. We turned the room into "stations." My mother is a retired kindergarten teacher. For as long as I can remember she had stations in her classroom where students could enjoy various activities. Well, why not use that same concept in a playroom? Because, after all, a playroom is a home classroom

Music and art corner.jpg

We have our music and art corner, which we created by just moving an old dining table into the corner. 

We have a bookcase in another corner that contains toys, balls, cars and palydough. 

reading nook.jpg

Then we have our reading nook. This is my favorite spot. 


Step 3. Organize. Organization is a struggle for me. But hey, we're all a work in progress. I used some crates that had long held shoes and toys. I also used these buckets that my mother-in-law got from the dollar store. 

Ry and the truck.JPG

Clearly Ry loves his new play area. 


 The room also gives me a great place to display Ry's works of art. Which I also love!

Tell me, what would be in your dream playroom?