Frugal, Debt Free Wedding Gift

frugal debt free wedding gift.jpg

My college roommate is getting married! I am so excited. The last time I was this excited about a wedding, it was my own. 

And Karen, the upcoming bride, was one of my bridesmaids. I really love her and I am just thrilled for her. 

This past weekend I attended a bridal brunch and being committed to a frugal debt free life, I wanted to give her something nice, but also inexpensive. 

A little background on our current "financial situation." We recently paid off all our debts. That means, we don't owe anyone anything. And we are currently saving for a house. And since it is our desire to either pay cash for a house (don't laugh.) Or buy a house and pay it off in just a couple years, we are living on a slim portion of our budget. 

This is self-imposed, but we are doing this so that I can stay home with our kids longer, we can give to those in need as we feel called without constraints, and so we can fund retirement and our kid's college educations. (No, I don't like student loans.)

So that means that our "gift" budget is slim. So I found a creative way to stretch that budget and still give my friend something nice. 

What I gave:

I found a really nice glass pitcher for practically nothing at a place nearby. 

Then I found a set of hand towels on sale at my local Family Dollar. 

Next I used my Kohl's cash (that I got purchasing a TON of boy's cloths with coupons!) to purchase really nice Food Network brand cooking utensils for free.

So basically I got Karen $94 worth of loot for less than $10!

No, this fact didn't bother me. And I am pretty sure it wouldn't bother her either. Good friends don't care. 

So, what have you been able to give on a budget? 

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