Great finds while shopping at the dollar tree

Dollar store at easter.jpg

Dollar Trees are popping up all over the country and giving larger stores a run for their money. I used to think that it was just a place to buy cheap plastic toys and candy. But the Dollar Tree has stepped up its game!

I was there just a couple weeks ago to get some stuff for the kiddo's Easter baskets. I bought them tooth brushes, bubbles and socks. (I am trying to not put candy in their baskets, they will get enough of that from the grandparents.)

While I was there I was amaze at what I found. 

Dollar tree finds 2.JPG

Nature's Own bread. This is the brand I buy normally, so I was thrilled to find it for a dollar (sometimes they mark it to $.50!). You can stock up on this and stick it in your freezer. It takes no time to thaw!

dollar tree finds 3.JPG

Healthy frozen entrees. I found great PictSweet frozen vegetables and some frozen fruit. But I was also surprised to find Lyfe Kitchen entrees. If you don't know about Lyfe Kitchen, it's a restaurant chain that boasts healthy, sustainable foods that use local ingredients. They also have a line of frozen entrees. 

Dollar tree finds1.JPG

I found these Breyers no HFCS chocolate pouches. I didn't buy them but I did spot them at the store. And I recently saw a $1 off two coupon in All You Magazine!

dollar tree finds 4.JPG

Sargento Cheese! Now, these aren't full size packs of cheese, but the price per ounce was cheaper than that of local supermarket, and this is good quality cheese. 

I also saw lots of great deal on toothpaste, Bare Minerals make up and cleaning supplies!

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Plus Dollar Tree takes manufacterers coupons and up to two printable coupons a day!

Have you found great things at Dollar Tree?