Save Money in Under a Minute with the Ibotta Coupon App

How to use the Ibotta coupon app.PNG

I have seen a lot of coupon blogs talking about the Ibotta app. But I couldn't figure out what the big deal was, until I started saving money on milk and oranges. And by money I mean they give you a cash rebate for these purchases. 

It's really easy to use (and NO they are not paying me to tell you about this... but they should). You can use it on any iPhone or Android.  

Ibotta app 1.PNG
Ibotta app 2.PNG

Find your store in the list of stores listed in the app. Then find products you already buy. For example, milk!

Some times you have to take a little survey or read a little tip to get more savings, but it takes about two seconds. 

Watch the video if you're confused. 

Once you've purchased the item you simply scan the item, photograph your reciept, upload it to the app and get your rebate! Bam! Done. And you can use the app on items you already used a coupon on, so sometimes they are free!