No Spenduary - Update and free budgeting printable


So were a week in to no Spenduary and so far so easy. We've not had any "hiccups" no one slipped up and ran by the grocery store on the way home. 

I did forget to get Jason "game food" during our shopping trip last week and he did run out to the local grocery store to get cheese dip to eat while he watched the Super Bowl, but they were things that had been on my shopping list that I had forgotten. *Sigh. 

But I wanted to talk this week about budgeting. It's easy NOT to budget. It's easy to just spend money willie nillie however you want. It's easy to get in debt without realizing it. 

Did you ever read "Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday?" My mother read this book to us as kids and in the story young Alexander comes into some cash, and then watches as it flies out of his pocket throughout the week. There are even illustrations of coins with wings. 

Well that, my friends, is what happens when you DON'T budget. Your money flies away without you knowing where it went. 

It seems so simple- right? Just tell your money where to go. But it's harder than it looks and it takes some practice. 

So step 1 in setting a budget is to write down where your money is going. I have provided you a free printable where you can jot down your income and expenses. 

Come back next week and we will discuss HOW to write an effective budget. 

What are you doing this month to save money?