No Spenduary - A month-Long No Spending Challenge


It's February! Or as I am calling it "no spenduary." 

For the month of February the Senn Family has committed to not spending money outside of our basic obligations. 

No, our children won't be going hungry, or sitting in dirty diapers. We will be spending money on those needs. 

We will be paying our bills and tithing and putting cash towards our savings goals. 

But we won't be doing the following:


  • buying cups of coffee from Starbucks
  • hitting up the drive through for breakfast (ahem Jason)
  • buying books for our Kindle (ahem Lydia)
  • stopping by Zaxby's for lunch after church
  • buying things simply because they are a good deal


Our spending in this house is not exorbitant, but like many people we can still reel it in. And then we can get a good idea of where our money is actually going. 

While our debts are few and we have never been MORE disciplined in our savings than we are now, it's still good for us to take a step back and evaluate. 

Our church is also hosting a Financial Peace University class. While we can't commit to the class (due to our fussy baby and his "witching hour") we will be participating on our own. 

Will you join us in No Spenduary? Maybe you can make your commitments small. Decide to cut out a soda from the vending machine everyday, commit to brown bagging your lunch or say no to an app purchase or movie rental. 

What are some things you could give up for the month?