How to pick the perfect watermelon

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Nothing says summer like watermelon. But how do you pick the right one? No fear. I’m here to help. After all saving you money on groceries is part of my job and if you go home with an inedible watermelon we all have a bad day! 🍉

1. Pick it up.

Is it heavy? No? Put it back. Yes? Perfection. It doesn’t matter the size. If it feels heavy that’s a good sign.

2. Flip it over.

Is there flat spot in the bottom?  If it’s yellow take it home. If the flat spot is white let it mellow on. The longer a melon sits on the ground the more yellow it will be and the riper it is. 

3. Thump it.

Does it sound hollow? A nice mellow sound. It’s good to go! 

Remember. Heavy, flat and hollow.