The trick that's saved me thousands of dollars


I have a trick that, over the years, has saved me thousands of dollars.  Okay, it's not really a trick. It's more of just a question. And that question is: Do you guys offer a discount?

I know that may seem weird and a little awkward to straight up ask people if they have a discount, or ask people for ways to save money.

But I promise you it works.

When Jason and I were first trying to get out of debt, I was pregnant with my oldest, Ryals. One of the things that I realized was that having a baby in the United States is really expensive. Like, really expensive.

I was stuck with an $11,000 hospital bill. And I just asked the hospital, "Hey, do you guys offer a discount?"

Because here's the thing: They knew my bill was going to be high. They knew my insurance was basically two Flintstones vitamins and a band-aid.

Previously they had offered me this program where I could pay it off with low interest. But I didn't want to pay interest on my baby. So for nine months, I saved my money. 

But when the bill came we still didn't have $11,000. So I just asked, "Hey, do you guys offer a discount for just paying your bill outright?" And they did! They offered me a 20% discount for paying my bill in full. 

It's not just hospital bills where I have saved money.

When we got our roof a couple of years ago we saved ten percent just by asking. Ten percent on a $9,000 roof.

When we bought our freezer, when I bought my couches, going to hotels I just ask. 

I've even asked for discount coupons at the grocery store and have gotten $5 off coupons from the checkout girl. I have no shame. I also have money in the bank. 

I know that travel season is kind of winding down, but if find yourself traveling and you call a hotel, you ask for lowest possible rate and they will tell you.

Ask. Ask to save money. You would be amazed.