Teen gift guide: Super frugal gifts teens will actually like

Last week someone left a question on my YouTube channel asking if I had any ideas for teen gifts. I didn't. I don't have teenagers, and I try to avoid answering questions I don't have direct experience with. 

But I took it to the Facebook group and you guys had SO many great ideas. I thought I would share them all in a handy list today. 

So here are super frugal gifts your teen will actually like.

1. Movie tickets: Sometime credit unions will offer movie passes at a discount, so check and see if yours offers this. If not, purchase a voucher at your local movie theater for one or two tickets. 

2. Food gift cards: Subway, McDonalds, Chick-fil-a, Starbucks gifts cards all make great gifts. And if your super savvy you can score many of them for free with Swagucks. (I just cashed my points in for a $25 Starbucks card this week!). 

3. Personalized water bottle: You can stick that gift card into a personalized water bottle and keep your teen hydrated. I really like these Nalgene water bottles and you could easily add a vinyl monogram to it or a funky sticker. 

4. Miniature items: You could also fill that water bottle with small nail polishes, lip glosses and candy. You can purchases all these things at the dollar tree.

One reader said:  "I had so much fun shopping for my teen this year - she loves all things "mini". Some ideas we've done for her before: ITunes gift card, small body sprays/lotions/handsanitizers, Biore pore strips, cozy socks, travel size shaving cream/hairspray/shampoo, blush and mascara, CANDY, chapstick, sketch book/blank notebook, adult coloring book with colored pencils, novels. You could get a bunch of "mini" things and put them in a fun basket or stocking as a "Middle School/High School Survival Kit"!"

How cute is that?

5. Thrifted books: You guys know I am all about giving people books and thrifting items and you can find some high quality books at the thrift store! 

You can also find some really awesome deals on books on Amazon

6. Hobby gifts. Do you have a knitter, runner, writer or artists? Give something that works with a hobby. Maybe a few skeins of yarn, some high-quality running socks, paint or a new notebook and pens. 

7. Update some of their tech: No. I'm not talking about buying a new iPhone. But maybe new earbuds (or even better headphones that don't go inside the ears!), a portable charger or an extended charging chord

8. Redbox movie night: I LOVE Redbox gift cards. You can spend just a few dollars and get so many rentals! Why not pair them with some popcorn and boxes of candy from the dollar tree? 

9. Baked cookies: What teen doesn't love cookies. In fact, one person suggested making two separate packages. "One to assuage the guilt that requires sharing, the other to take into their room and eat whenever they want."

Other ideas that deserve a mention:

 Card games

Adult coloring book

Colored pencils or pens

DIY spa kit

Bowling gift certificate

Fun socks or slippers

Personalized phone case

Collage made of Instagram photos

What ideas do you have to add to the list? 

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