Stop talking about it and start doing it (Free printable)

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. What if we quit talking about all the things we wanted to do with our lives, and we just started doing them.

All month long we have been sharing our journeys, talking about how to get out of debt, save money and simplify our lives. Next week I am going to be talking about how I started my small business from home.

I hear all the time from people "I would love to get out of debt but..." or "I would love to simplify my life but..." I hear people talk about wanting to travel, write a novel, go back to school. And at the end of the sentence there is always a but followed by a reason it would never work.

But what if you could make it work? What if you could achieve everything you wanted out of your life? What if we spent less time talking about what we wanted out of life and more time putting effort into actions that would lead us to our desired outcomes?

Can you even imagine how much better life would be?

Now I understand that some dreams are just simply that, dreams. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Radio City Rockette. But guess what? I am 5' 2" tall. That was simply never going to happen.

But this year I decided I wanted to grow my blog, earn an income from it and create a community. Guess what is happening? I put in the work and I started to see a return on my time investment.

I love the conversations we have weekly on YouTube and Facebook and the comments section of the blog. And I love all of the connections I have made with other women bloggers.

Three years ago Jason and I decided we were fed up with our financial situation and we were willing to do what it took to get out of it. It wasn't always easy, it required a plan and a lot of work. But we did it. We weren't scared of the effort it was going to take. In fact, we were more scared of what wouldn't happen if we took action.

What is that saying? Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

I wish I could say "if you dream it you will achieve it." But it takes a plan, it takes effort and action. It takes hard work and making connections with other people looking to achieve the same thing you are.

You really can do it. But that's just it, it's the doing it part that is important.

So what are you working on? What goal are you trying to achieve?

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