How do you save money on family road trips?

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We’re getting into road trip season with Spring Break here and summer around the corner. A huge expense for traveling families is food. And I think a lot of families don’t head out on family outings because of cost. Packing your own food and treating restaurants like a fun treat is the way to go. .

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Our family went on a day trip recently and instead of stopping for supper on the way home I packed a cooler with lunch meat, fruit, bread, cheese, drinks, peanut butter, crackers and homemade cookies. A lot of it was stuff I already had in my fridge and pantry. And it beats spending $35 on fast food that will leave us feeling less than great. 

Tips for planning, packing for and actually loving a road trip with little kids

I asked you all how you saved money on travel experiences and you gave me the best tips!

  • “We take our own reusable water bottles places and fill them with ice water rather than pay for over priced soda or juice. We did this at Disney and didn’t buy any drinks in the parks at all!”

  • “Picnics are the best..even if we eat the food in the car...we loved it as a kids.”

  • “Just got a huge thermos to keep dinner warm for my 3 kids and I for nights my oldest has hockey. My hubby is a fireman and I’m solo a lot due to 24 hour shifts. I plan to feed us at the rink/on the way home instead of getting fast food. Cheaper and healthier!”