My organizational night time routine + Free Mrs. Meyer Offer

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A great morning starts at night. Wait? Does that sound right to you? Honestly, that's one of those super motivational cliche statements that makes me want to roll my eyes. But it's true. A good morning does start the with a good night routine. 

So here are a few things I do at night to ensure a smoother morning. Also, this routine only takes me about 45 minutes from start to finish so I'm not spending hours each night preparing. 

1. Start an audiobook. 

Okay, I know that has nothing to do with a good night or morning routine, but this is just one simple way to squeeze in a book. I will listen on my headphones or Bluetooth speaker while I get stuff done. 

Get two free audiobooks from Audible. 

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2. Meal prep

I will cut up vegetables, get meat from the freezer, measure out any seasonings I need and store everything in pyrex dishes in my fridge. 

3. Pack leftovers

My husband takes leftovers for lunch so I like to pack them away for the next day also. Taking leftovers is one of the little ways our family saves thousands of dollars a year. 

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4. Dishes 

I load our dishwasher at night and hand wash any leftover dishes. Waking up to a clean kitchen really gets my day off to a great start.

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And right now you can get a free scrub brush with replaceable scrubbing head along with a Mrs. Meyer's fall scented bundle featuring a dish soap, hand soap, and multi-purpose spray when you place your first $20 order with Grove Collaborative. 

 Grove Collaborative is like Amazon Subscribe and Save for affordable earth-friendly, people-friendly products. I buy all of our toilet paper, cleaning supplies, skin care and toiletries from Grove and have them shipped to my door at prices lower than I would find at Target. 

5. Spray down my countertops

I spray down my countertops using Mrs. Meyer's mutli-purpose spray it works on my glass stove top, granite tiles and wooden butcher block. 

6. Coffee, water and milk 

I will go ahead and fill up sippy cups for the next day and have them ready to go in the fridge. I will also fill up my water bottle and stick it in the fridge as well. And I set the timer on the coffee maker and fill it with grounds and water so we are good to go!

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7. Planning 

Next, I pull out my planner and cross off everything on my to do list and then transfer anything I didn't get done to my new list for the next day. I will also take a minute to write down any memories or notes I want to keep about the day inside my planner. 

8. Packing

I will pack any lunches, backpacks or anything else we need for the next day. 

Then I'm done! I'd love to know how you prep for the next day. Leave me a comment below!