Is it really an emergency? Preparing now so it’s not an emergency later

getting prepared before the financial emergency comes.jpg

Does it ever feel like one thing after another? That’s how life in our house has felt the past six months. As soon as we would get our footing out our feet would get knocked out from under us again. It’s been exhausting.

And with those exhausting things came a lot of expenses. A LOT. Some of those were unforeseen, but some of them weren’t.


Way back in July we decided to a low spend month. We just weren’t going to spend money (with the exception of a trip to play mini golf with our sons. Something they had looked forward to for months. But I found a coupon! So we all four got to play for $16!).

We made a really simple grocery budget. We cut back on a lot of our small expenses and we saved up some cash.

We saw what was on the horizon we knew that medical bills and other expenses were coming. We could pull them from our emgerency fund, but if you see them coming are they really an emgerency? No. 


It's times like this that I am the MOST grateful for being debt free. Instead of standing in the middle of the road blindfolded hoping nothing hits us, we can develop a plan.

All of our money isn't going to monthly payments. Because we are debt free we had this option and were able to make our own decisions, they're not made for me due to desperation. I want that for all of you. This is why I want to see every single one of you out of debt. You can do this. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. 

When you’re in debt, with no savings, little things turn into big things. E