How to create good routines for a better life

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There is no question that routines help simplify our lives and make our days smoother. But I also believe there is a fine line between creating a sense of calm and slipping into a dogmatic approach to your day with no wiggle room.

So today I wanted to share some of my best tips for creating good routines you can live with.

I am all about simple living and I have found that it is best to pick a routine that works for you in your current season of life and stay there.

So what are routines?

Routines are meant to bring calm. If it brings stress it’s not worth it. So don’t let building a perfect routine be a stress factor. 

Instead pick one area of your life that drives you INSANE and see how to improve it. 

So if frantically looking for everyone’s shoes every morning is a stress point, develop a shoe spot and then remind everyone that’s where there shoes go until it becomes a sticking point.

This might mean setting a timer to remind everyone. Or it might mean taking your four year old’s hand, putting a shoe in it and walking him to the shoe basket. Keep practicing til it becomes a sticking point.

Think about some of the routines you already have in place and how to make them more efferent.

Maybe it’s your morning routine- take the time you usually use to do your hair and make up and fit in an audiobook, news podcast or devotional. Use that time to not only accomplish your mundane tasks, but also feed your mind.

If you spend your mornings communicating to school, instead of driving in silence use that time to connect with your child through a silly questions or conversation prompt.

Small moments matter and when we use them wisely they have a great impact.

how to create good routines for a better life

Good routines:

Bring peace 

Simplify your day

Help you feel calm and organized

Let’s everyone know what to expect next

It’s a script for your life that brings peace.

Bad routines:

Bring more stress

Are overly complicated 

Are hard to stick too 

Feel chaotic 

Routines do not need to be so structured that they have no flexibility.

This is your life and you are meant to enjoy it. So love the people that live in your home well by creating routines around the natural rhythm of your day that help you all to thrive