How I got my money back after Zaycon closed

How I got my money back after Zaycon closed.jpg

It's been almost a month since Zaycon Fresh suddenly closed. (If you don't know what Zaycon was, it was bulk discount food delivery service.)

I was so sad to hear that Zaycon suddenly shut down, for many reasons, sad for all the employees who suddenly lost their jobs. I'm sad about the thousands of people who paid the company money (one of them being me).

It just feels icky all the way around. And I'm so shocked, I used them for five years with no issues and suddenly, boom! Gone.  I have open orders I already paid for.  But it turns out the company was under a lot of stain due to bad management. You can read more about that here

So how do we go about getting a refund from a company that’s fallen off the planet? Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) I have experience with this. I was able to get my money back by going through my bank. So I wanted to offer you a few tips that might help you. 

1. Actually, contact them.

Right now you can only email them. But start there because you might need a record that you reached out and made effort. You can email them here: Also, save any emails you get from them. I got a notice of cancelation from them this week and ended up using it when I spoke to my bank. (If you have emailed them and get a response please let us know!)

2. Dispute with your card carrier.

Certain credit card companies will make you wait until the missed delivery date (which may be months from now) before you get reimbursed.

But if you used a debit card your bank may go ahead and reclaim those funds for you with proof the company has closed. 

You will need your receipt so go back in your email for any order confirmations. I was able to dispute my charge on my bank's website. I simply answered a few questions and attached a PDF of the cancellation email I was given and my money was refunded to me by my bank. 

Also if you paid with PayPal you can still dispute because you never received your goods.