Frugal (and FREE) gifts for kids

I don't need to tell you there are only 9 days left until Christmas day... but there are only 9 days left until Christmas Day. Whew! That's not much time. 

So if you find yourself short on time or low on cash and needing some kids gift ideas- never fear, I've got you covered. 


1. Felt quiet book by the Sleepy Time Gal

2. Magnet lapboard by me

3. Magnet sticker tin by me

4. Printable paper dolls by Itsy Bitsy fun

5. Dino World in a suitcase by the Imagination Tree

6. Hotwheels jar from Simplicity in the South (this would also work great with legos and trains

7. Finger paint.  by me

8. 10 minute play dough by Parenting Chaos

9. Duplo play mats from Free Homeschool Deals

10. Art Supply Kit from Lil Blue Boo

11. Spy Kit by Green Acres Hobby Farm

12. Fort Kit by Pie Birds

It just takes a little creativity but you can do it. 

hat about you? What frugal ideas do you have?