Four things to do Sunday night (to make Monday go so much better)

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Let’s talk about a few things that we can do to make your week go by a little bit more smoothly:

1. Check your planner

Go over your calendar and see what big things you have going on this week and then share them with your spouse, have he or she share their calendar with you so that you get a good idea what that week is going to look like.

2. Check your meal plan

Take 15 minutes and plan your meals for the week. See what you have in your pantry and in your freezer and in your fridge and see what meals you can make around those things and then make a grocery shopping list if you need to.

3. Check your wardrobe

Make sure that you have enough clean clothes to get through the week. Do some laundry if you need to, fold some things, hang up what you need and go ahead and lay out your clothes for Monday morning. 

4. Check your fly zones

This was a great tip from someone on Instagram: "Clean your kitchen and clear your coffee table/dining table/whatever your "I'll deal with this later" spot is. I've noticed that my days are notably calmer when my sink is empty and I don't have to worry about accidentally setting off a paper avalanche somewhere."

All this will take you an hour maybe two but will guarantee a smoother and more stress-free week. I would love to hear some of your tips for conquering a busy week leave me a comment below.