Three flexible work at home jobs for moms (or anyone else)

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Last month marked six years since I started my own businesses. I had one little newborn at the time and while it was hard, it was such a great decision. 

I get asked a lot about the ins and outs of being a work at home mom. I will say as hard as it can be it's been 100 percent worth it to provide an extra income for my family and be at home with my boys. 

Today I wanted to share three work at home jobs with insanely flexible schedules. 

1. Transcription work. 

I personally use a wonderful transcriptionist to transcribe all my videos, both on YouTube and the live videos in my courses. That way I can use those videos for other things like blog posts, ebooks, newsletters etc. Trust me, I am all about getting as much mileage as I can from my content. 

My transcriptionist is invaluable and I cherish her for her hard work and the amount of time she saves me! Lots of people who work in online video or podcasters are looking for this kind of help. If you're detail oriented, a great listener and a great, fast typist this is a perfect job for you. 

Here is a great post about 19 transcription jobs for beginners. 

2. Proofreading/Editing

I love writing but I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate proofing. So when I am working on a big project for a client I work as a team with a proofer/editor. If you're a great proofer there is someone out there looking for you. 

Maybe it's an author looking to publish an ebook or a blogger who is expanding. There are lots of opportunities. 

Here are 16 online proofing and editing jobs. 

3. Teaching English online to kids 

You can hear more about them here: 

So what about you? Are you a work at home mom? I would love to hear about what you do. 

Leave me a comment and tell me!