One simple way to reduce food waste


Food waste makes my skin crawl. Recently I read that nearly 50% of all purchased food in the US gets thrown out. (Source) And a lot of that is produce that went bad before it could be used. 

Today I wanted to share one simple way to reduce food waste. It's so easy you will wonder why I even took the time to write this post. 

One thing I've found that really helps is to pre-chop my fruits and vegetables. I wash all my berries and remove the stems from strawberries, cut them and put them in a glass container. The same with grapes, wash them, remove them from the stem and place in a container. 

I do the same with vegetables. I will peel, chop and store everything I am going to need for the week. If I have something like bell peppers left over I will chop and freeze them for future use. This has cut down on the amount of produce we throw out. And it cuts down on us eating out because most of the prep work is already done.