Crazy sock exchange ($10 Gift Idea)

I am always stumped at what to get my nieces and nephews. I know kid's interests change a lot and something they might love today might not be something they like tomorrow. 

So last year my sister came up with a great idea. We can do a sock exchange. My sister saw the idea on Pinterest. She thought the idea would translate great for kids.

And this is a super cost-effective gift. Each one of these cost me less than $10, sometimes way less because I used free Amazon gift cards I earned through Swagbucks. A two-pack of crazy socks can be split among two kids and costs around $4 at Walmart. Books and small games are really inexpensive and can entertain kids for a long time. 

So I wanted to share a few ideas. 

For my nephew, age 8, I got ninja turtle socks, a book of clean jokes for kids, a book light, a tube of M&Ms and a wonderful book called The One and Only Ivan

For my oldest niece, age 7, I got a cute pair of heart socks, the second book in the Clementine series (because she loved the first book I got her), a My Little Pony, a nail set, some sparkly headbands and a tube of M&Ms. 

For my youngest niece, age 4, I got her some My Little Pony Socks, a My Little Pony toy, a necklace making kit, stamp markers and a frozen sticker book

I curled the books to fit in the socks and then put everything else in on top. Then I tied the legs of the socks together. Easy peasy. 

And just to give you an idea of one you could do for a teen or a lady in your life. 

For this one I just did a pair of cream colored socks with black hearts. Then I added a chevron scarf, some lip glosses, nail wraps and some body wash. I loved this one... so I kept it. 

What about you? What crazy sock idea would you come up with? 

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