DIY Spa Kit! Lush Knock Offs

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Is there someone in your life you would love to treat to a spa day? But they're expensive! Why not make one for them to take home.

Today I am showing three DIYS that require minimal effort, time and money. They would make great last-minute gifts for the people in your life that need a little extra relaxation.

Okay let's go.

lush soap ing.JPG

Lush inspired Gel Soaps

Lush is known for it's unique products made from natural ingredients. You can easily make these soaps at home.

You will need:

1/2 cup castile soap

2 packets Knox gelatin

3/4 cup BOILING water

pinch sea salt

25-30 drops essential oils. I used orange

silicone mold pan


Combine your gelatin and water in a bowl and whisk until clump free.

Add in your soap and oil and whisk.

Pour into mold pan and chill for about an hour.

Pop out and store in glass container. You will need to store them in the fridge to keep them 'gel' like.

gel soap.JPG

I put mine in a pretty jar with a label.

wax melts.JPG

Wax Melts.

These were so simple and were inspired by the pricey "Scentsy" melts. 

You will need:

A candle (I used three that I had left over)

And a silicone mini muffin pan or candy mold.

Put your candle on a candle warmer to melt the wax or submerge in a pot of boiling water until melted.

Then pour into the mold and let harden. Pop them out and put them in a pretty container or jar.

coconut sugar scrub.JPG

Coconut sugar scrub

This is so easy and my favorite DIY beauty item. This scrub leaves my skin feeling amazing it moisturizes and exfoliates and uses just natural ingredients.

You will need:

Four tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons organic coconut sugar (or regular table sugar)

Optional: a few drops essential oils. I used lemon.

Simply spoon out your oil into a bowl. Add in your sugar and essential oils (if you're using them) and mix.

Then I spooned the mixture into a small containers and attached a label.

To print your own labels click here!

It was all so simple! So tell me, are you making and DIY gifts this year? Tell me in the comments below. I can't wait to hear about them.

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