A week in our life: Wrapping up a busy school year and what we ate


I am starting something new- a few times a month (maybe once, maybe more) I am going to be sharing what a week in our life looks like. Sometimes it’s crazy and sometimes it’s mundane, but I thought I would show you how we do life, run a business, feed our kids and plan for fun ALL on a budget.

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea Dekker, who does A Peek Into Our Week every once in a while and I LOVE IT.


Last week was pretty busy. But then lately every week have been pretty busy. We got home Sunday evening from a weekend away celebrating Isaac’s 6th birthday. He won’t be six until later this month, but we took him on a trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see Winnie the Pooh. It was amazing. The play was definitely made for little kids and all three of my boys loved it.


We also swung by the zoo Sunday on our way home.

I took a week off posting to my YouTube channel and I have to say. I loved it. I loved not being there. I also love YouTube and it’s been a great thing for me. But I also think sometimes having a break is a good thing. So I plan to do it more often.


We ended our homeschool community year with an end of the year celebration/presentation. We are not finished with homeschooling for the year (we actually do year round) but will be taking a small break in July when I have my baby girl.

It was so good to see Ryals, my oldest, on stage singing the songs he’s learned and interacting with this friends. He’s really come out of his shell this year and I love it. We do Classical Conversations and we adore the program.

We had a potluck at the end of the year program and my parents were able to attend and see Ryals shine. Plus, this was my first year tutoring with the program and I feel like we all learned so much.


Tuesday I woke up with a massive sinus infection. Pregnancy congestion is NO joke. But Tuesday is our busiest day with appointments, lessons, school and so much more so I just had to keep pressing forward. I was able to squeeze in a little nap Tuesday afternoon while everyone else had their rest time. (Our toddler sleeps, the other two play quietly.)

Later that week I did find us at the doctor, but not for me, for my oldest son. He was complaining he was having trouble breathing. Our doctor sent us for a chest x-ray and it came back all clear. So now we just wait and see if his symptoms return.

Honestly, I am grateful for our emergency fund so that when things like this pop up we don’t feel panic because we have to pay for an unexpected x-ray.

Also, I want to say that my kids were SUPER well behaved while we waited and waited and waited for our turn. And I laughed so hard when I overheard a technician say “oh, the pregnant lady with all the kids is next.” Yup. That’s me!


We also had our biannual dentist appointment and everyone’s teeth looked good and no one freaked.


Our highlight of the week may have been when I unexpectedly bought my kids an inflatable pirate pool that shoots water. It was on sale at Sam’s and I just thought, why not?? It was a huge hit and we spent a lot of Friday in it.

Also we got ducks two weeks ago and we are AMAZED with how quickly they have grown. It’s insanity. They go from sweet little fluffy ducklings, to huge sweet fluffy ducklings in a flash.

Also hit the 30 week mark on my pregnancy, which is so exciting. I cannot wait to meet our baby girl!

What we ate:

I thought I would share what our meal plan was. Be prepared to be underwhelmed.


  • Dinner with friends at our celebration.



  • Mini baked sammies (I make these with Turkey and cheddar because I don’t like ham nor swiss)

  • Steamed brocoli



  • Chicken tacos

  • Guacamole