4 ways to get cheap or even free diapers

For the past FIVE years I have had at least one child in diapers. Sometimes two. Considering the "average" family spends $18 a week on diapers that could have set us back a whopping $1,872 a year (when I had two in diapers). But it didn't.

I can assuredly tell you my family has not spent thousands on diapers over years. Today I am, instead, going to tell you how I get cheap and sometimes free diapers.

But first, you can save a LOT of money cloth diapering. I will not argue against that point. We cloth diapered for a while but chose to quit. You can read more about that here

What is a good price point?

First things first. I consider what is a great diaper price. You must factor in the price for each individual diaper!

For example if a 92 count box of Huggies cost $30 that is $.32 per diaper. That is too expensive. We want to shoot for $.10 - $.20 per diaper.

(Note: this does not include over night diapers. Those are more expensive and I have yet to figure out what the price point on those should be.)

So where can I find cheap diapers?

1. Amazon Mom.

With Amazon Mom you automatically save 20% on diapers and free 2-day shipping. It's free for the first 30 days and open to all parents, and caregivers (grand parents!!!!) are eligible. Sign up here for Amazon Mom (it’s FREE for 30 days!) 

You automatically get that extra 20 % off diapers and you can use Amazon coupons on top of the 20% off deals.

Take the above photo example. If a 216 count box of Pamper's Swaddlers costs $43.99 after you take off all of the discounts including the 20% off for your Amazon Mom membership, AND you clip the $3 off coupon Amazon provided on the sales page that brings your total down to $32.19.

That is about $.14 a diaper. I think this is a good price for premium name-brand diapers.

You won't just save on premium diapers. You can get Luv's for as low as $.9 or $.10 a diaper.

It's best, when buying diapers, not to be brand loyal barring your child does not have an insane diaper allergy.

2. Subscribe and Save.

Even if you don't have an Amazon Mom membership you can still get 5% off diapers and use the coupons with Subscribe and Save.

If you purchase 5 or more items that savings is 15%

It is really easy to use, you just find items like diapers that you need "subscribe" to have them delivered and then schedule the delivery.

It costs you nothing extra to sign up for Amazon Subscribe and Save and it can save you a lot of money. You can cancel anytime.

3. Play the drug store game!

Last week I made a video for my YouTube channel where I detailed how I save hundreds of dollar a year at CVS.

CVS is the number one place to get cheap or even free diapers. I get Huggies for about $3.99 or less per pack.

There are a few blogs I follow to find these deals. My favorite are Passionate Penny Pincher and Southern Savers.

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I only use coupons I can print from home now and these two blogs take ALL the work out of the savings process. I just go to their blogs, look through the CVS deals, print off the coupons and go save some money.

Last week I brought home free laundry detergent and diapers that I got for $3.99 a pack. It was simple, I just printed the coupons and combined them with the savings. Plus CVS gives you ExtraCare Bucks for certain deals they have going on each week. You can use that "money" to buy pretty much anything in the store including... DIAPERS!

4. Referral credits.

Grove.co has been popping up on a lot of blogs here lately, maybe it is because it is just such a great company to shop with.

They sell basic home supplies like detergent, cleaning products and now DIAPERS! You can get a $10 credit when you sign up (that equals a FREE pack of diapers) and you get referral credit to share with friends.

Right now when your friends sign up for their free $10 credit you get $20!!

You can click here to sign up and get your own credit going.

And you don't have to be a HUGE blogger with a lot of following to get credits. As you all know this blog is relatively small, but I shared the credit on here and on my personal Facebook page and I have earned a few hundred dollars in credits to put buy things like diapers and laundry detergent. These are things my family needs so it's been a huge blessing.

Sometimes it take creativity or a little work but you can find diapers on the cheap. And what a great way to benefit your family!

What about you? How do you get free or cheap diapers?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate link meaning if you make a purchase I will get a very small percentage at NO additional cost to you.