Declutter and make money off Amazon: How I made $155.78 in Amazon Gift Cards in ONE DAY

It seems like everyone I encounter, or at least every MOM I encounter, is trying to do the same thing, find ways to save money and declutter their home. 

Yes. I get it. I am always trying to do the same thing. 

And one of my favorite ways to declutter and MAKE extra money is by using the Amazon Trade -In program. In fact, I earned $155.78 in gift cards IN ONE DAY simply by getting rid of DVDS, books and video games that I no longer wanted, needed or used. 

Amazon trade in program

That stack of "Friends" DVDs you've been hanging onto? Get rid of them! That show is now on Netflix! That cookbook collection you never use? Get rid of them! Ree Drummond (love you!) already got her money, now someone else can love all those recipes you will never make. 

So here is how it works. 

books to trade in to Amazon trade in

Step one: Go through your house and find unwanted books, DVDs, and old electronics. 

Old electronics and box sets of DVDs are what make the most money. You can trade-in an old iPhone 5 for around $100. 

see what your items are worth

Step two: See what your items are "worth." Now, obviously you could sell your old junk on eBay and probably make a little bit more money, but it would take more time, and you could be dealing with a person who doesn't pay and then you have to relist your item. Been there, done that. 

detmeurine the quality of your item

Step 3: Determine the quality of your item. Usually Amazon will give you a few options to choose from when you are trading in your items. They are usually "like new," "good," and "acceptable." The quality of your item obviously impacts what you will be paid for that item. 

Be honest about the condition of your item. If your iPhone has a massive scratch across the screen, don't choose "like new" condition in an effort to get more money. It's not just dishonest, it also won't work. (See step 5.)

Step 4: Ship your items. Amazon will give you a shipping label so that you can ship your trade in items for processing. This is at no cost to you and you can schedule a pick up at your home or office. 

Step 5: Wait to be paid! Once your items get to wherever they are sent (I picture a massive warehouse with Amazon robots) the items will be assessed and Amazon will then send you a gift card via email. 

If your item is rejected it will be returned to you. 

There you have it! It is so simple. And then you have an Amazon gift card to spend however you wish. 

I used mine to supplement our diapers and wipes. 

What about you? Are you decluttering? Have you ever use the Amazon Trade-In program.