Alphabet Train Table

My boys love toys with wheels on them. Trucks, trains, tractors, you name it. So at Christmas my mother had this great idea to make them a small multi-use table perfect for eating, learning, puzzles, coloring and of course playing with trucks and trains. 

My mom started off with just a basic white table and two chairs. You can purchase one for around $40 on Amazon (affiliate link) or $25 on Ikea (without the seats). 

I also see them at yard sales every now and again. 

Mama used acrylic craft paint from Michaels to create the alphabet building, as well as the tracks and road. I like the Craft Smart and the Apple Barrel craft paints

She then painted the boy's names on the chairs. A tractor for Ryals, who is OBSESSED with tractors and an airplane for Isaac. She then sprayed everything is a protectant




Clearly the boys LOVE it. And it's perfect for playing with our trains and cars. But also for eating lunch, playing with puzzles and play-doh and sitting for quiet learning time. 

What I love about the table is that it's extremely light and portable, Ryals can carry his own chair (without scraping it across the floor) and it takes up very little space. 

What about you? Do you have any multi-purpose play equipment in your house?