Pinterest Fail: Quinoa Pizza Crust

I am constantly on the search for new and healthy recipes for my family. Last week while perusing pinterest I found a recipe for quinoa pizza crust. 

I like quinoa and I love pizza so what could go wrong??? Famous last words.

The original recipe seems simple enough, the pictures were gorgeous and the steps weren't hard. 

I did veer from the recipe slightly by adding two garlic cloves and a little seasoning. Would that result in a crust that was all at once bland, crunchy and gritty? Those were my husband's words. Thanks, dear. 

The only saving grace was the spinach pesto I added on top. Which, I will share next week. It was pretty much awesome. 

Note: I DO NOT THINK MY FAIL WAS DUE TO A FAULTY RECIPE! I think the recipe creator is fabulous. Her recipes are fabulous. She is fabulous. My pizza crust on the other hand... 

What has your most recent kitchen fail been?