Homemade sensory board for curious little hands

build your own sensory board.jpg

I live with two toddlers. That means four little curious hands. 20 little mischievous fingers. They want to touch, push, pull and turn everything. 

And that's okay. That's how humans learn. So learn away little ones. 

Jason and I made the boys this simple sensory board using items like a doorknob, hinges, locks, a light and a door stop. 

We purchased a wooden table top at Lowes. 

Then we purchased the items we wanted to go on the board, like hinges, door stops, a doorknob, a doorbell and a little light. 

We screwed everything in place and used velcro to attach the light in the center. 

Voila. Here is it (minus the light.)

The boys love it and it's hours of silent fun. 

Have you made any DIY toys?