DIY Wall Decals

DIY Wall Decals using fabric and spray adhesive.jpg

Every day for the past 13 months I have walked into Issie's room and stared at a blank, boring wall. 

The walls in our (rental) house are stucco or wood paneling. Both are a decorating nightmare. And while I am not really a decoraitng type lady, I just couldn't stand the site of that horrid wall anymore. 

You might remember that last year I wrote about his room and the farm theme we went with. But, I couldn't figure out waht to do with the walls, because nothing would stick and we couldn't drill into the wall or use nails. 

I even tried using velcro to hand a picture clip and it just fell off the wall!

But last week it hit me! I had a bunch of fabric leftover from when I made curtains and recovered an old gliding rocker why not adhere that fabric to the wall?!?!

SO I made homemade decals using just fabric and spray adhesive.

Homemade wall decals3.JPG

I picked up this adhesive at Hobby Lobby. It was with the rest of the glue way in the back of the store. 

gliding rocker covered.JPG

You can get a good idea from the rocker, what the fabric looked like. I just cut out the shapes of various animals and of course the barn and trees. 

Homemade wall decals2.JPG

Then I just sprayed the adhesive directly to the wall and stuck the fabric up there. 

The farbic will peel off the wall without damaging it and I can just clean off the sticky residue with soap and water. 

That's it. Easy as pie!

What are some tips you have for deocating an ulgy wall?