Crafting in 15: No sew reupholstery

Gliding rocker cover.jpg

I am in full nursery decorating mode, which is good considering my due date is like a week away.

New baby's room theme is "The Little Blue Truck." It's a sweet book about a truck and his farm animal friends that save a big mean dump truck from a mud puddle. S

This gives me lots of things to play with, both farm animals and trucks!


Before my husband and I got married he inherited this gliding rocker from his grandmother. I love it, but the fabric is... well... ugly. 

I decided to give it a little update for baby's room. But there is just one problem. I DON'T SEW. At all! Thank heaven for staple guns!


First things first. I had to measure the cushions. Each one was about two feet wide. 

Then I removed the cushions from the chair and draped them with this cute farm pattern I got at a local fabric store. I played around with it for a minute before I simple stapled it in place. 


The cushions Velcro in place so I simple cut a hole for each velcro strip. Since they are in the back of the chair I didn't really care if they were covered in matching fabric. 


Then I placed the cushions back on the chair and looked for any readjustments. The great thing about using staples is they can be easily pulled our and repositioned, unlike a seem on a pillow cover. 

Gliding rocker.jpg

Sure, it doesn't look professional and  I have lots of friends who would have done a better job (and not had half the pattern upside down) but I'm pretty pleased with my efforts. 


And don't you love that our farm includes a "Horton" doll? Jason picked that out. He is a big Alabama fan and thinks the boys each need a stuffed elephant when they are born. 


Here are a few tips. 

1. Always measure before you cut. Then measure again. Measure twice, cut once. 

2. Always purchase more fabric than you need. You can always make curtains or a valance. 

3. If you're a novice like me, ask the nice ladies at the fabric store for advice. 

4. Forgive yourself if it turns out disastrous. 

Have you done any crafting lately? 

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