A creative way I display my son's art work

art display cover.jpg

Ever since my sweet Ry started going to nursery school two days a week he has been bringing home the cutest art work. And I can not and will not bring myself to throw it away. So I have been finding creative ways to display it. 


Does anyone remember in the early 2000's when every girl had a poster of "Starry Night" in her dorm room? Was it just me?

art display 4.JPG

Well, I really have no need for that poster anymore.  So I used the frame to display Ry's super cute artwork including his hand and foot prints. 

art display 6.JPG

I laid the artwork out along the back of the fram and filled in the gaps with cards and notes he has gotten for his birthdays. 

art display 1.JPG
art display 3.JPG

Then I popped the frame back on and hung it on the wall. 

art display 7.JPG

How do you display your toddler/child's art?