Homemade yogurt- easier than it sounds

Homemade yogurt in the slow cooker.jpg

I love yogurt. My baby loves yogurt. We all scream for yogurt! Okay, we don't scream. It's not like it's Ben and Jerry's but whatever.

We have been eating so much yogurt that it gets expensive. Also, it has a lot of sugar in it. So I decided to make my own, plain yogurt.

It turned out pretty good and I was able to make a gallon for around $4.50! That saves me $.07 an ounce, or 50 percent off. Yes. I did the math. I love saving money that much. Of course, if I hadn't used organic milk and starter yogurt it would have been cheaper.

What you'll need:

A crock pot

1 gallon 2 percent or whole milk 

1 cup plain yogurt (you need it for the cultures)

Jars, etc. for freezing

Turn your crock pot on HIGH and pour all the milk into it. (I lost my crock pot, so my mother gave me her old one. The lid broke so now I use aluminum foil. It's a bootleg crock pot.)


Let it sit for 2 hours, until it reaches a boil. Then take that weird membrane off the top and throw it out.


Once it has boiled and killed off all the germs, let it cool down until it is about 115 degrees. Add your cup of yogurt. (Note: If you are using whole milk you do not need the powdered milk.)

Then cover your crock pot with a towel and stick it in a place where it won't be deserved. Some people stick it in their oven. I just put it on the counter and left it alone.

About 8 hours later I had yogurt!! If you want a thicker yogurt you can strain it through a cheese cloth or coffee filter.

I poured mine into Ball jars and stuck what I didn't need now into the freezer.

Save a cup of your homemade yogurt and freeze it so you have the cultures later. 


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