Put Chuck to Work, Getting all the Bang for Your Ground Beef

Let's face it meat is expensive. Remember when you could get ground beef for $.99 a pound? Yeah, neither do I. What's a good price for ground beef? Who knows anymore?

Personally I could go months without meat, but my husband I think would wander into the woods to find a wild animal to kill with his hands after about three days.

SO many recipes call for a pound of ground beef. Ummm…. Not so fast. Let’s say we go halvsies on this one.

Yes, I am talking about stretching that beef as far as it will go and not noticing the difference.

“But I will notice.”

No you won’t. My husband doesn’t and I have been pulling this fast one over on him for years now.

And no, there won’t be a big hole in your dish where the meat used to be because we are substituting for vegetables and other things that will make the meal tasty.

So let’s say you luck out and get a sale on ground beef, it can happen. Or let’s say you don’t and you pay full price. You still want to maximize those dollars, right?

If I come home from the store with 2.5 pounds of ground chuck, or turkey or even venison I want to make it last.  Here is a menu and all of these meals can easily be frozen.

Cook Once, Eat Twice Lasagna Casserole  (I use 1 lb ground beef for two lasagnas.)

 Pizza Pot Pie

How do you stretch ground beef?