Jason's Amazin' Onion Straws

Onion Straws Cover.jpg

There is something so extraordinarily good about living in the south. It's the produce. I think the heat and humidity make for more flavorful produce. 

Have you ever had a Vidalia onion? Seriously! While true Vidalia onion onions come from Vidalia, GA there is a farmer down the road from me who also grows amazing Vidalia onions. They can be procured seven days a week at our local farmer's market. 

Saturday night Jason got a hankering for onion straws. So he loaded our big boy into the car and headed for the Farmer's Market. 

He came home with two, gorgeous onions and an idea. The results were life changing! 


What you'll:

1 large Vidalia onion or sweet onion cut into circles.

1 cup milk and 1 tbsp lemon juice mixed or 1 cup butter milk

2 cups flour

2 tbsp seasoning salt (here is my favorite blend)

1 quart oil in a shallow pan or cast iron skillet 


Soak the onions in the milk. I mean soak them. You want them good and saturated! 


Heat up your oil until you can place the end of a wooden spoon in the bottom and bubbles form. (Or 375 degrees for those of you who want to use a thermometer.)


Combine your flour and seasoning salt. Dredge your milk soaked onions through the flour. 

Then place them in the oil. They will cook for about 3-4 minutes. You will know they are done because they will be the most gorgeous golden brown color you have EVER seen. 

Onion Straws Cover.jpg