Power Cooking - enchiladas and a casserole in under 30

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I've got eight weeks. Eight weeks give or take to get my house in order for a new family member. That means I am trying to stock my freezer with meals and save myself a little time.

So I thought I would do a few posts on what I call- Power Cooking. I take 30 minutes or so and I compile multiple meals, some for now. Some for later. 


Today I am going to be talking about making two dinners, primarily from leftovers, in UNDER 30 minutes. Plus because one meal was made ENTIRELY out of leftovers, it was like getting a free dinner. 

I started by making a whole chicken in the my crock pot and I roasted some vegetables

When the meal was over I had my husband pull all that meat off the bone. 

Then I preheated my oven to 350 and he went off to give the baby a bath. 

Buffalo Chicken Ench.jpg

I started on my Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas (Print recipe). 

I threw my chicken and onions in the skillet and started cooking them. 

While those were cooking I mixed up the cheese filling .


Then I threw a little butter in the microwave for a veggie, chicken casserole. I used NOTHING but leftover chicken and vegetables from our chicken and roast vegetable dinner. I mixed chicken, cream cheese, and vegetables in a pan. 

Then I sprinkled with a little cheese and slid that recipe into the oven to bake for 20 minutes at 350. 


While that was baking I rolled up my enchiladas. 

Then I put that in the oven too. I let the chicken and veggie casserole cool, covered it and threw it in my deep freezer.

I use these Pyrex baking dishes to freeze things. They are great in the freezer and can go directly in the oven. Plus they stack together nicely. 

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