A reality check before you compare yourself to others

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It's so easy to compare yourself, your husband, your home, your children etc. etc. to someone else. I think as women we're hardwired to do it. 

I watch tv of flip through a magazine and I look at women with tiny arms or porefree complextions and I want what they have. I look at homes in magazines and I see how pristine they are and how well decorated they are and I want what they have. 

1. That's coveting and we're told straight forward in Exodus not to do that.

2. What we see isn't always what is real. Click here to read an intersting blog post about that. 

Yesterday I watched with the rest of the world as Prince William and Kate Middleton left the hospital with their sweet baby boy. All baby boys are sweet aren't they??

At any rate, I was watching the news and I saw Kate with her long, glossy hair perfectly blown into place. Her sweet blue dress gliding over the small remains of a baby belly. She looked tan and rested and didn't have dark circles under her eyes. 

And this is how I looked yesterday: 


Yup. Messy bun, dark circles, crying baby. 

How does she look so good the day after having a baby and almost two months after having a baby I still look like I was hit by a bus?

I constantly sport a wet spot on the front of my shirt, dark cicles under my eyes, these strange bangs that recently popped up. 

I can't ever find my shoes. I live in yoga pants. I smell like old mac and cheese and my shirt always has some spit up on it. 

My house is covered in unfolded clothes, my floors need to be swept and every attempt at a shower was thwarted by a crying baby or a toddler who wanted to be read to. 

And then I remembered: I am here by myself. 

Now, I am sure Kate Middleton is a lovely human being. I know little about her. But I am also certain that the Princess had a team of people making her look that gorgeous before she stepped through those hospital doors. She probably had a team of people doing her hair and makeup and helping her into her dress. 

Sometimes before we compare it's good to take a beat and give ourselves a reality check.


Here is a picture of my sweet nonRoyal baby.