Three of my favorite baby products

Let's face it, babies need stuff. They come into the world naked and alone, but man they collect stuff like hoarder! 

I thought I would share three baby products we use daily at this house. And I love them all. 

Note: These are my honest opinions. I wrote this post on my own without sponsorship. However, this post does contain affiliate links and you can read my disclosure policy here

Seven Generation baby lotion.  I've been using this lotion on Little Bit. He has sensitive skin and this is a mild lotion that is hypo allergenic. It does have a smell that requires some getting used to- you know what I mean that "natural product smell." But I love the lasting moisture. I even us it on myself. 

Weleda Daipaer Ointment.  I have had to use this on Little R for months now. It is kind of pricey, but man it works. It is the only thing that has cleared his monster diaper rash. 

Aguaphor Healing Ointment. I am convinced this stuff is pure magic!!! Little Bit has gotten some irritation between the folds in the skin on his neck. I have tried and tried to help him. Then I accosted a lady with an infant on the baby aisle of Publix. 

"Try this," she said and handed me the tube right off the shelf. I just so happened to have some samples of it at home so I could try it before I bought it. One night! That's all it took to clear it up. I put some on baby's neck and the next day the irritation was gone!!

I thought I would also share some update photos of the boys. 

Sweet brothers!

Too cool for Sam's Club.