DIY Spa Kit! Lush Knock Offs

DIY Spa Kit! Lush Knock Offs

Is there someone in your life you would love to treat to a spa day? But they're expensive! Why not make one for them to take home.

Today I am showing three DIYS that require minimal effort, time and money. They would make great last-minute gifts for the people in your life that need a little extra relaxation.

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Bath Bomb DIY with free gift tag printable (DIY gift under $1)

Bath Bomb DIY with free gift tag printable (DIY gift under $1)

Christmas is just six weeks away! (Give or take...) I don't know about you, but I could use the gift of relaxation. Wouldn't it be nice to give the gift of relaxation? Well you can. I made this bath bombs last week and they were the bomb dot com. (Forgive my late 1990's humor.) 

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Care Packages, Fun to give, fun to receive

New mom care package.jpg

Last week we talked about encouraging new moms. Earlier this week I took a friend a new mom care package. It was filled with stuff just for her. 

Care packages are fun to give and certainly fun to give. 

I used a bucket I had left over from my sweet boy's birthday party. These buckets were purchased by my mother-in-law's sister for $1 at the Dollar Tree. 

I then took the bucket and filled it with popcorn, peanuts, tea, hot cocoa and some candy I put inside one of my homemade mason jar tumblers

I also put in some soap from bath and body works and some lip gloss I had gotten from CVS using my Extra Care Bucks

Here are some tips for giving a care package:

Think about what the receiver needs. You don't want to give things a person doesn't want or would never use. 

Fill the care package with snacks and goodies. Whether it's a new mom, a college student, or a soldier who has been deployed, we all LOVE snacks!

Keep it simple. There is no need to imitate Pinterest. 

It doesn't have to be expensive. Load it down with all those great samples you get in the mail. 

Include a sweet note. I included a note from my son that said, "Baby boy thinks you're doing a great job and wanted you to have some goodies."

Use encouraging words. I included some Bible verses I find encouraging. 

Long ago the Lord said to Israel:

“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love.

With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. 

Jeremiah 31:3.

What would you put in a care package, or want to receive in one?

For some really great ideas visit Betsy at Romance on a Dime for Take it On Tuesday!

Coconut Sugar Face Scrub

Hello! How is everyone? The boy and I have returned from our baby swim class and he is now wearing nothing but a diaper, using a bottle as a teether and not napping. But he sure is cute. 

I've been feeling a little stressed at moments lately. I think I have been trying to do too many things at once. In the past that was fine, I managed to do multiple things and keep sanity. That's how I functioned. But now I just can't anymore. 

I decided to take a few minutes a few weeks ago and treat myself to a homemade face scrub. I think this has changed my life. 

Some ladies at the gym were talking about how they put coconut oil on their face. I just put coconut oil in cakes! So I decided to try this out. 

I found a jar online for $40. Seriously? $40??? What is wrong with you? It's sugar and coconut oil. You could make a jar for less than a buck!

At any rate. I took a baby food jar and put in two spoonfuls (big soup spoonfuls) of coconut oil. Then I added a couple tables spoons regular refined white sugar. 

Then I scrubbed my face with it. Magic! It left my skin soft and smooth and not the least bit oil and I didn't have to put on moisturizer. It is said to have vitamins A,B,C and E in it and is a natural antioxidant. Who knows? It smelled good. 

Note: My household is trying to get off sugar. And I did have to fight the urge to lick my own face. 

Don't forget to head over to Romance on A Dime for Take it On Tuesday. There are always some great ideas over there. And be sure to check out other blogs and leave comments.


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