6 everyday items to buy on Amazon

It's no secret that I LOVE Amazon. It saves my family money and time by having everyday things shipped to our house.

Since we don't have a savings club membership I use Amazon to buy bulk items and even basic toiletries.

Here is a list of the best things (in my self-appointed expert opinion) to buy on Amazon:

1. Toilet paper. I make sure that I get toilet paper $.50 or less a roll. This is far cheaper than Walmart, their sale price is $.64 a roll. (Even the store brand.)

2. Diapers and baby wipes. I have talked about Amazon diapers a LOT. Since I our family has gone through a LOT of diapers in the past 3.5 years I have found that Amazon has the best prices and I can usually get them anywhere between $.13-$.19 per diaper.

I am also able to get baby wipes for $.01 - $.02 per wipe.

3. Coffee. I love coffee. I am a total addict. And we go through a pretty good amount of coffee in our house. Since I really enjoy a good quality, fair trade coffee I have started ordering this brand from Amazon.

It ends up costing pennies a day to drink.

4. Batteries. Small children have toys that go through a lot of batteries. It's a fact of life. I can order 48 AA batteries for $11. You can't beat that.

5. Body wash. Our plumber recommended that we use body wash as opposed to bar soap to protect our pipes and secure longevity of our plumbing system. I am able to get my favorite brands of body wash for about a $1 per bottle or sometimes less thanks to Amazon's coupons.

6. Mascara. I am not really brand loyal on many things, but I am mascara. I have a certain brand that doesn't smear or flake off. And covers my whiter than white eyelashes.

Amazon will often run a $3 off Cover Girl mascara add and I can get my brand of "lash blast" for just $1.19.

What about you? Do you have a favorite item you order from Amazon?