Busy mom tips for having the smoothest summer ever

busy mom tips for having the best summer ever.jpg

Today I am sharing a few mom hacks that help us have a stress free summer. These are just little things that busy working moms can do to make the summer more fun. These things also help save money and help us have frugal summer fun. 

Get a shoe organizer

Grab a clear show organizer and hang it on the bathroom door. Fill it with swimsuits, hats and sunscreen. 

Then you can just throw everything in your beach bag and leave. 

Create a car kit! 

I talked about this in this post here. It's magic. You'll want one. 


Carry a wet bag

This sounds fancier than it is. But grab a reusable grocery bag, stick it in your car and use it for wet clothes at the splashpad. 


Get a water container for the yard

We use a large glass water container with a spigot, I fill it with ice water and as we're playing outside my kids fill up their little cups. And I think they drink more. 

Homemade owie spray is your best friend. 

Bumps, scrapes and burns happen in summer. We love this homemade owie spray. I even use it on myself. It takes the sting out and works way better (in my opinion) than Neosporin spray.

Ouchie spray: 
Two-ounce spray bottle: 
Fill with fractionated coconut oil
10 Drops each Frankincense, Tea Tree and Lavender Oils 

Get ready for quick changes

I love hooded towels to allow for quick changes by the pool or at the beach. These hooded towels allow for privacy while I help my kids change or dress my toddler.