Walk through my planner + Personal Planner Giveaway


This is my favorite day. Why? Because it's a giveaway day!! Today I am thrilled to be partnering with Personal Planner, an awesome planner creation services that lets you make customized planners that fit your lifestyle. 

I think you guys know that I have to write stuff down, otherwise it leaves my head and wanders off into the street. So when Personal-Planner sent me a planner to try I immediately fell in love with it. It's not cluttered, there is plenty of space and I got to customize it.  

I get a little overwhelmed with planners that have too much stuff on the page, but not enough space for me to write things down. 

I made a video walking you through the planner how I set it up. But you can customize it in several different ways. 


Personal Planner has been nice enough to give a planner away. But that's not all, they are also offering my readers and subs a 15% discount. Just enter the code P-LAN4-2018 at check out. Shipping is FREE worldwide and the code is valid until January 30th. 

Tell me what you would do with your planner?