Overcome your overwhelm project #9: Tame the Toys

Good morning! Who is ready to overcome that overwhelm? For a recap on why I started this challenge head here. 

Ready to conquer your clutter with me (boy do I need the accountability!!)? Ready to rock your time and manage your checkbook? Okay. Let's go. 

Cleaning challenge: 

Have toys become the bane of your existence? I have a love hate relationship with toys. I think they get a bad rap. We want to villainize them and say they restrict creativity, which I don't agree with at all. But at the same toys everywhere gets on my nerves and my kids have too many. We live in a smaller house and we just don't have the space.

(Please do not buy my kids toys. I will cry. Just give them bubbles and popcorn and lets call it a day.)

So today I am purging toys and I am setting up a toy rotation. 

Step 1. Pick a rotation system. 

There are several ways to handle this. I've read about a daily toy rotation (which sounds like way too much work) and the 30 toy method. I think I am going to stick with that one. I feel like that I can handle. I don't know. I will report back. 

Step 2. Purge. Go through your toys. Throw out anything broken, missing pieces, anything not age appropriate, anything you believe is prohibiting milestone development.  

Step 3. Find a place to store toys that's not the living room floor. 

Money challenge: 

Pick a way to track your budget. Some people are pen and paper people, some people love spreadsheets  and some people need something more immediate. We like EveryDollar. You can read my full review here

Whatever form you choose is fine, just choose something you know you can stick with. 

Time challenge:

Log off. I don't mean right now. You can finish reading this. But tonight log off the internet if you can. Decide this weekend is the weekend you're going to put down your smart phone, turn it off and just go outside. 

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not picking up and checking your phone. Whatever you miss will still be there Monday. But pick one weekend, or even one day of the weekend and decide you're not going to pick up your phone unless it rings, and then you might not answer it unless it's really important. Or it's your mother. Always answer for your mother. 

If you do any of these things I want to know. Snap a photo and use #overcomeyouroverwhelm. 

I will be on Facebook and Instagram sharing my progress.