How to remove the labels and clean essential oil bottles

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If you're anything like me you have tons of little brown essential oils lying around. We use oils in this house on a daily basis for everything from cleaning to making baby products to fighting off colds or just making our house smell good.

But that means I have a lot of empty bottles. I never want to just throw them out. Today I wanted to share how to clean those bottles and remove the label for reuse. 

What you'll need: 

Empty EO bottles

Epsom salt

Mason jar

Warm water

Castile soap (or dish soap and olive oil)

Step one:

Fill a mason jar with Epsom salt. Remove the stopper from the EO bottle and bury the bottle and stopper in the salt. Seal the mason jar and shake. Let sit for a couple minutes. This will yield amazing smelling bath salt!

Step two: 

Fill a bowl with warm water. Add your castile soap. If you do not have castile soap you can use dish soap and a little olive oil. The oil will help remove the label residue from the EO bottle. 

Place the bottles in the bowl and allow to soak for five minutes. 

Step three: 

Remove the bottles from the water and peel off the label. That's it! Easy peasy. 

You can reuse these bottles by creating your own oil blends. You could replace with a roller ball, spritzer or just replace the stopper for a drop bottle. 

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