Easy peasy antimicrobial and moisturizing foaming handsoap


I don't want to jinx myself, but my family avoided the flu this year. And none of us (minus the baby) got flu shots. 

Now, full disclosure I think I caught every sniffle and cold known to man and last week I got hit with strep. But no flu. No flu for me. No flu for my kids and no flu for my husband who works a bajillion hours a week. 

And all this despite the fact that you will find us as church, co-op, the library, the grocery store, Chick-fil-a, and all the other germ-filled place. 

How??? Washing our hands. And not just washing our hands, I really believe it was WHAT we used to wash our hands. 

Enter my favorite foaming hand soap. I realize that there are foaming handsoap recipes all over the internet, but this one is the one you're looking for. This is the one I swear kept us from getting the flu, even after I caught my four-year-old licking a Walmart shopping care. I'm. Not. Even. Joking. 

IMG_1794 2.JPG

So this is what you will need: 

One foaming hand soap container (reuse one you already have)

Castile Soap

fractionated coconut oil (this is coconut oil that stays liquid)

5-6 drops each of thieves oil and citrus fresh (I use YoungLiving. But I am not a distributor. So please know, I'm not selling you anything)

First, fill your pump about a quarter of the way with Castile Soap.

Then add about a few tsps of fractionated coconut oil

Next add 5-6 drops EACH of thieves oil and citrus fresh (or lemon or orange depending on what I have).

Finally, fill the rest of the way with water, put on the pump and give everything a good shake. 

Why the coconut oil?

It's very moisturizing, but it is also *believed to have a lot of great benefits like preventing and treating eczema, but it also contains antimicrobial lipids that fight off germs and microbes and prevent sickness. (Do you feel like a scientist now? I do.) 

I put one of these every bathroom and kitchen (we just have the one kitchen. I didn't want you to think I was fancy) in our house. 

Note: Some people use distilled water because they think it will prevent mold from growing. I've never had mold grow in my soap, but we use a bottle a week so who knows.