Simple newborn memory boxes you can put together in 15 minutes or less

I love collecting memories. I love photographs and small reminders of experiences past. So memory boxes speak directly to me. I look at them in envy on Pinterest, because the truth is while I love a good DIY, I am not a crafter. 

Today I wanted to share the memory boxes I made for our sons. They are beautiful and simple and I put them together in just 15 minutes. 

This project was so simple. All you need is a shadow box

push pins

special moments and memories

a hot glue gun for heavier items

Things you could include: 




a stuffed animals


birth announcements

a small diaper


a pacifier


special notes from parents or grandparents

the going home outfit

ultrasounds photos 

I found these wonderful shadow boxes at TJ Maxx for just $7 each. 

I love that they were blue with these sweet polka dots. 

I gathered my supplies, which were items from my boy's first few days on the planet. A black and white photograph of them, their little knit caps, the ankle bracelets put on them minutes after they were born and a few other memories. 

I laid out everything I wanted to use, arranging and rearrainging things before I pinned them in place. 

Now I just need to figure out how and where to display the boxes now that they are complete. 

Two tips for putting together a shadow box: 

Keep it simple. Don't clutter the box. 

Pick items in a like color pattern. 

What about you? Have you put together a shadow box?