6 tips for maximizing ebay profits

It's spring cleaning season. If you're like me you have garbages full of scrap paper, boxes full of donation items and those few things that you just KNOW are worth something. 

Why not sell those items on eBay? Or maybe you found something at a thrift store that you want to flip for a profit? Today I am going to share my best tips for selling items on eBay and maximizing profits. 

What items best sell on eBay? name brands, high-end items, technology (both working and broken) hard to find items, collectibles (vintage toys) spare parts and lot items of clothing (think 8 pairs of kid's pajamas). 

1. See what like items are selling for.

Do a quick search of your item and see how much it is going for or has gone for in the past and then price accordingly.

Don't inflate the value of your item in your own head. Just because you paid $65 for a sweater or pair of shoes doesn't mean it will sell for that much once you have used it. Keep in mind how other people are pricing their items. 

2. Take a LOT of photos. Then take some more. 

eBay allows up to 12 photos for each item you list take advantage of this. Get clear pictures of the label, size, condition, and make sure you clearly snap any defects, scuffs or scratches. 

Use a natural light source and use a white background. I put the items I want to list on a white blanket on the floor next to an open window. The natural lighting is pleasing to the eye and also shows more of your items details. 

Do not use the flash. The flash will darken your item and just looks bad. I used the flash in the photo above and as you can see it looks terrible! 

3. Choose a VERY specific category. 

Don't just list Ralph Lauren t-shirt. Instead list as many specific things as possible in the category. For example: Ralph Lauren size 12 purple 100% cotton t-shirt. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.03.30 AM.jpg

Using more descriptive words will guarantee that your item will show up higher on the list when people search on eBay. 


4. Include as many details as possible in the description. 

When writing up your listing include every details: brand, condition, materials, color, size, defects, origin. Etc. Etc. 

Think of any questions that a buyer might have about your item like dimensions and whether or not it comes from a smoke free home and go ahead and answer all of those questions in your description. 

5. Be Honest.

I feel like this is just great life advice. But don't oversell your item. If it has a tear include that information, if a part of it is cracked or broken photograph that an include in your listing. 

If you don't include defects your item will more than likely be returned and you will get bad feedback. Feedback is the lifeblood of eBay. 

6. Find out your cost of shipping BEFORE you list.  

If you aren't correct in your shipping costs it can eat into your profits making your efforts a total waste of time. 

Weigh your items. If you don't have a shipping scale you can use a bathroom scale. 

I do a quick lookup of my item on Amazon and use their dimensions as a way to determine my shipping costs. 

My best bet is to usually use USPS flat rate boxes. Their motto is "if it fits it ships." You can also order free flat rate boxes delivered to your house. And USPS will come pick up your items if you schedule it on their website. That is also a free service. 

What about you? What tips do you have for selling on eBay?