Budget-Friendly Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite times of year. Above all I love the celebration of what Christ has done in my life. 

But on a more earthly level it is so much fun to take in all the vibrant colors of spring, breath in the fresh air, and of course there are Easter Baskets. 

This year I am focusing on non-candy and budget-friendly items for Easter. I have nothing against candy, but my kids will get enough of it from events outside of our home. 

So here are some things you can stuff into eggs, or add to baskets that are easy on your wallet and your dental bill!

Egg stuffers: 

1. Crayons (bonus if you melt down broken crayons in these molds)

2. Magnetic numbers and letters

3. Stickers

4. Wooden race cars and

5. Coins (my grandfather always put silver dollars and quarters in the eggs 

6. Finger lights

7. Erasers

8. Mini animals

9. Mini dinos 

10. Hair ties and bows

11. Whistles

12. Bracelets

13. Socks

14. Bandaids 

Non Egg Items:

15. Flip flops 

16. Books! We got our boys Happy Easter, Mouse  the Children's Storybook Bible is also a great choice 

17. Tooth brushes

18. Bubbles

19. T-shirts 

20. Bubble bath, hand soap. Dollar Tree has great character hand soap like Elmo or Scooby Doo 

21. Sun hats 

22. Puzzles, these chunky ones are my favorite

23. Sunglasses

24. Flashlights

25. Water bottles 

What about you? What are some of your Easter basket ideas? 

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