Peeling a hard-boiled egg with a spoon

peeling an egg with a spoon.

My kids LOVE hard-boiled eggs. And since we have 12 pasture raised chickens at our house we are in no short supply of eggs. 


I love that eggs are wholesome and nutritious and a far better snack option than a lot of things my kids might ask for. 

But they can be a beast to peel. 

It's so simple. Once you have boiled your eggs and then let them sit in cool water for a minute simple take your spoon and tap it on the large end of the egg.

When the shell has cracked take the tip of your spoon and work it under the shell finding the thin membrane underneath. 

Work the spoon all the way around and the shell will peel right off. 

That's it. It takes under two seconds. 

What about you? What kitchen hacks do you use?